Welcome to Butter Versus Burpees. For those of you who don’t know what a burpee is, you can check it out here. They are evil, exhausting exercises that really encapsulate all things painful about hitting the gym. The name of this blog sums up my attempt to balance my indulgent foodie forays with sweating it out and staying active.

This is also my way of finally crossing the line from ‘long time listener’ to ‘first time caller’ in the world of food blogging (aka food porn, if you’re as obsessed with it as I am). I love to bake, like to cook, and can whip up some pretty mean treats when given a block of butter! That said, if I were to bake with butter at every whispering opportunity I’d have to start making my beloved farmer’s market runs via the bucket of a front-end loader. So for that reason, this blog will have a healthy dose of clean, simple, good-for-your-belly-and-conscience recipes too.

I grew up in rural Prince Edward Island, but now live in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Living in a coastal Canadian city has incredible perks, one of them being the endless bounty of fresh seafood and produce that Nova Scotia is known and loved for. Our local farmer’s market is incredible and I will be making sure to highlight its tasty homegrown products throughout this blogging adventure. So thanks for popping in to B vs. B!